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Internet of Things GPS Tracking

Internet of Things GPS Tracking

Internet of Things GPS Tracking

Cattle and Sheep Trackers
Pet Trackers
Personal and Hiker Trackers
Drone Trackers
Bird and Wildlife Trackers
Asset Trackers
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Design and development

Our team of innovative designers, engineers, and programmers will custom develop an iot GPS tracking device to suit your specific needs.

iot-GPS Platforms

We supply GPS devices using LoRa, Sigfox, GSM, Globalstar, Iridium,and thingstream.

Web Interface

Use our feature rich tracking platforms to display the data, or let us integrate our devices into your front end.

Hardware Design

We have a lot of experience in the design of iot hardware. Our diverse product range is testament to this


Support both technical and web interface support is offered.

You Build It

Let us help you design and develop your own device with OEM devices, solar chargers, batteries, and housings


Independent Communications Authority of South Africa


Hiker/Asset Trackers
Pet Trackers
Livestock Trackers
Wildlife Trackers
Custom Housing Design
SIGFOX/LoRa GPS Tracking Devices
Goat Collar.
Guardian Goat Trackers
chipfox  Cattle collar
Guardian Cattle Trackers
Sigfox Coverage Map
Sigfox Coverage
6 gram Solar GSM Device
Bird Tracking Devices
Crowned Eagle with  device
Solar Flight Iridium Satellite
Serval Iridium Collar
Wildlife Collars


Ben Hoffman

CEO Raptor Biologist

Sam Schlkwyk


Greg Galleger

Electronics Engineer/Developer

David Bullock

Design and Additive Technologies Engineer

Rich Hansen

Design and Manufacturing Engeneer


Learn about Wildlife Act/Zululand Vulture Project

                                                                                                What is the Internet of Things? (IoT)


Learn about South African Vulture Projects Here

Run by Dr Shane McPherson since 2012 this project has to date tagged over 100 nestlings. December 2018 saw us fit a satellite device to a rehabilitated Crowned eagle from Raptor Rescue. IoT GPS in conjunction with Dr Shane McPherson, will be fitting two sponsored test Chipfox devices,working on the Sigfox network to two juvenile crowned eagles
White Headed Vultures is the Zululand area of South Africa have declined from 15 known nesting pairs to no known pairs in the last 10 years. Poisoning is thought to be what is killing them. A captive breeding program is being developed, in conjunction with the African Raptor Centre to breed and release IoT Gps satellite-tagged birds back …
Update coming soon

Contact Us


African Raptor Centre
Lion Park Road, Camperdown – South Africa

General Enquiries: info@iot-gps.co.za

Skype: raptorrescue1

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